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Is that your FINAL answer?

By SaraDailey · December 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Unfortunately, I'm not playing for a million dollars, but I am playing for an A in all my classes. This week is Finals week before Christmas break, and it seems like almost every test that I take feels like it's sealing my fate and could potentially undo all my "hard work" and "effort" of the last 6 months. You're probably wondering why I'm rambling on about taking tests and such, especially since this blog isn't necessarily oriented towards academic prospects. Answer: I have some great tips for all you guys out there who are still in college/grad school (or even high school) on how to make the best of finals week!

* Usually, finals week is often referred to as "dead week" since all classes are finished and you're just showing up to take a test and leave. Make the best of situation and dress comfy and casual as you'll probably be sitting there for a while, making your last test count! Sweats, hoodies, t-shirts, Uggs (if it's cold), flipflops (if it's warm), and the like are all great ways to walk into your final feeling confident and comfy!

* Since you won't be needing as much items to carry around during your finals, opt to carry a smaller purse/bag with the essentials- wooden pencil, mechanical pencil, extra lead for your mechanical pencil, a good eraser, extra scantrons, chapstick, and a small snack (fruit snacks, mints, gum, ect). You're probably wondering why I suggested chapstick and a snack. Whenever I test, I'm usually fidgety and I end up sucking or biting my lips. Having chapstick during a test can help you re-focus and take a quick break, especially if the test is intense! And a snack? If you're anything like me, you'll want to have something to pop in your mouth before, during, and after the test. My professors always allows us a snack/drink during lecture/tests. Make the best of this opportunity and relax yourself without going overboard!

* Something that I always struggle with, especially during finals week, is how I want to fix my hair. Even though you're dressed down to a casual look, having great hair can always pull an outfit or look together that much more. Since I always stress and get headaches after my tests, I usually opt for a messy bun, a low side ponytail, poufy bangs, or just leaving my hair down with a cute part on the side. If you're not feelin' so stylish with your casual outfit, try adding a cute bow or ribbon to your hair. You can't go wrong!

* Last, but not least, be sure to STUDY for your test. Rushing in to study 2 days before the test will not help your chances of passing the test, or even making a desirable grade. Keeping a positive outlook during finals week is key, too. Try playing your favorite radio station on the drive over, or if you take public transportation, get lost in your iPod while you study on the ride over.

* And what would a finals tips and tricks blog post be without this? GOOD LUCK on your FINALS! :)



Chapstick: Buddha Balm Lip Balm in Mandarin Ginger  - PERSONAL FAVORITE! (PSST! It's in my purse!)

Chapstick: Carmex Strawberry Tube - My alternative to my Buddha Balm!

Purse Snacks: Welch's Fruit Snacks - VERY YUMMY!  (My favorites are Strawberry, Island Fruit, Fruit Punch, Cherry Berry, and Grape!)

Purse Snacks: Orbit Wintergreen Gum 3-Pack - PERSONAL FAVORITE! (PSST! It's in my purse!)

Fashion Mondays:: Cute, Comfy & Warm :]

By SaraDailey · November 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Why should you look drab while trying to keep warm?! You shouldn't! Try finding a similar look (obviously some of these prices are a lil' outrageous for college students, 20 year olds and the like.) and rock it out with cute accessories! Boots never go out of style in the winter months and neither do cute earrings, necklaces or any other jewelry that will make any outfit pop. :) PS: Who ever said you can't wear white after Labor Day obviously never laid eyes on this cute, affordable jacket! o.0

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Chumlee Gallery

By SaraDailey · November 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Our favorite pawn broker from the hit TV series "Pawn Stars."

SHHH! I have a crush!

By SaraDailey · November 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

SOOO... Do ya like my Chumlee art?!  I tried to make it look all "action hero" style.  Anyways, let's talk about the fabulously famous Chumlee on Pawn Stars.  I mean, who could NOT like Chumlee?  He's hilarious, cute, and his "slackerbility" makes him all that more appealing.  Some of the things he says are rip roaring funny and sometimes I can't belive he said them himself.  So what makes ME like him so much?!

Maybe it's because he can roll with the best of 'em and nobody is the wiser.  Maybe it's because he's honest and will tell you how it is.  Perhaps it's because he's just plain CUTE (all things considered) and he's too funny.  SERIOUSLY.  The funnier you are the more girls like you.  I would know. ;)  Anyways, how 'bout the fact that he knows all about seriously sweet shoes.  I mean, what girl doesn't want a guy who knows all about SHOES- the one thing that every girl collects?! How about the fact that he can be himself and doesn't give a hoot if anyone see him (and is crazy hilarious while doing so!)?

-Austin "Chumlee" Russell

 Just LOOK at him!!!  Who wouldn't want to hang out with Chumlee?!  He's everyone's best friend you never met.  No wonder Corey Harrison had such an awesome life growing up- Chumlee was his best friend.  If I ever go to Vegas, I'm going to stop by and see Chumlee, the most coolest pawn broker to ever make it onto TV.  GO CHUMLEE! 

-Sara :)

Photo by Fred Morledge :: PhotoFM.com
Graphic by Sara Dailey :: SaraDailey.com

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